SUMMARY: Selection of February holiday shorts.

DISCLAIMER: The characters from the series 'A-Team' and any other characters used from television or film belong to their relevant owners and are used here only for pleasure and not for profit. All other characters belong to this author. Any similarities with real life characters or situations are unintentional and coincidental.



Bubble Gum Day Pay A Compliment Day Toothache Day
Read in the Bathtub Day Satisfied Staying Single Day Shut-in Visitation Day
White Shirt Day Make A Friend Day Get A Different Name Day
Blame Someone Else Day Ferris Wheel Day Valentine's Day
Gum Drop Day My Way and Who Shall I Be Day Spunky Old Broads Day
Love Your Pet Day Chili Day Walk Your Dog Day
Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day Tell A Fairy Tale Day Tooth Fairy Day