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CITE Friendship's Choice
FC00 Cover Pix 01


 CITE Friendship's Choice Part 1
Cover 1
FC01 Cover Pix 01
Diamonds 'n Dust
 CITE Friendship Stockwell
Chapter 00
FC01 Ch 00 Pix 01
Gary Null / NBCU Photo Bank
 CITE Friendship The Deal
Chapter 02
FC01 Ch 02 Pix 01a
Point of No Return
FC01 Ch 02 Pix 01b
FC01 Ch 02 Pix 01c
Taisiia Shestopa
 CITE Friendship Hannibal
Chapter 04
FC01 Ch 04 Pix 01
Firing Line
 CITE Friendship Ghutrah
Chapter 05
FC01 Ch 05 Pix 01
 CITE Friendship Murdock
Chapter 06
FC01 Ch 06 Pix 01
Family Reunion
 CITE Friendship Rifle
Chapter 07
FC01 Ch 07 Pix 01b
Dishpan Man
FC01 Ch 07 Pix 01a
 CITE Friendship Ghillie
Chapter 08
FC01 Ch 08 Pix 01
Saudi Press Agency
 CITE Friendship Flight
Chapter 10
FC01 Ch 10 Pix 01b
Firing Line
FC01 Ch 10 Pix 01a


 CITE Friendship's Choice Part 2
Cover 2
FC02 Cover Pix 01
The Big Squeeze
 CITE Friendship Hannibal 01
Chapter 11
FC02 Ch 11 Pix 01
The Say U.N.C.L.E. Affair
 CITE Friendship Carla
Chapter 13
FC02 Ch 13 Pix 01
Gary Null / NBCU Photo Bank
 CITE Friendship BA
Chapter 14
FC02 Ch 14 Pix 01
 CITE Friendship Collection
Chapter 15
FC02 Ch 15 Pix 01b
Collecta Asian
FC02 Ch 15 Pix 01c
FC02 Ch 15 Pix 01d
FC02 Ch 15 Pix 01a
Sauder Select
 CITE Friendship The Line
Chapter 18 Photo 01
FC02 Ch 18 Pix 02c
A Small and Deadly War
FC02 Ch 18 Pix 02a
MultiPhoto 03
Johnson Photography
 CITE Friendship Meeting
Chapter 18 Photo 02
FC02 Ch 18 Pix 01a
Firing Line
FC02 Ch 18 Pix 01b
 CITE Friendship BA Murdock
Chapter 19
FC02 Ch 19 Pix 01
Mind Games
 CITE Friendship The Shot
Chapter 20
FC02 Ch 20 Pix 01
The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas
 CITE Friendship Stockwell Gun
Chapter 22
FC02 Ch 22 Pix 01a
The Say U.N.C.L.E. Affair
FC02 Ch 22 Pix 01b
Tiles Designs


 CITE Friendship's Choice Part 3
00Cover 3
FC03 Cover Pix 01
The Theory of Revolution
 CITE Friendship Murdock 01
Chapter 24
FC03 Ch 24 Pix 01
Quarterback Sneak
 CITE Friendship Hannibal 02
Chapter 27
FC03 Ch 27 Pix 01
West Coast Turnaround
 CITE Friendship Maggie
Chapter 29
FC03 Ch 29 Pix 01
The Scarecrow and Mrs King
 CITE Friendship Xmas Tree
Chapter 33
FC03 Ch 33 Pix 01b
Black Day at Bad Rock
FC03 Ch 33 Pix 01a
Blake Little
FC03 Ch 33 Pix 01c
Carole Julius Photography
 CITE Friendship Hank
Chapter 34
FC03 Ch 34 Pix 01
 CITE Friendship Mama B
Chapter 41
FC03 Ch 41 Pix 01
Ron Tom / NBCU Photo Bank
 CITE Friendship Sunroom
Chapter 43
FC03 Ch 43 Pix 01c
Quarterback Sneak
FC03 Ch 43 Pix 01d
MultiPhoto 05
MultiPhoto 08
Sierra Pacific Windows
MultiPhoto 04
Wallpaper Safari
 CITE Friendship Molly
Chapter 46
FC03 Ch 46 Pix 01
 CITE Friendship Magill
Chapter 48
FC03 Ch 48 Pix 01
Raid on Entebbe
 CITE Friendship Hope
Chapter 50
FC03 Ch 50 Pix 01a
Point of No Return
FC03 Ch 50 Pix 01b


 CITE Friendship's Choice Part 4
Cover 4
FC04 Cover Pix 01
A Small and Deadly War
 CITE Friendship BA 01
Chapter 51
FC04 Ch 51 Pix 01
Quarterback Sneak
 CITE Friendship Confrontation
Chapter 52
FC04 Ch 52 Pix 01a
Till Death Do Us Part
FC04 Ch 52 Pix 01b
West Coast Turnaround
FC04 Ch 52 Pix 01c
FC04 Ch 52 Pix 01d
Adrian Pelletier
MultiPhoto 08
Sierra Pacific Windows
 CITE Friendship Jeep
Chapter 53
FC04 Ch 53 Pix 01
Wrangler TJ Forum
 CITE Friendship Plea
Chapter 55
FC04 Ch 55 Pix 01a
Lease with an Option to Die
FC04 Ch 55 Pix 01b
Amazon Fashion
MultiPhoto 09
 CITE Friendship Warning
Chapter 56
FC04 Ch 56 Pix 01b
The Trouble With Harry
FC04 Ch 56 Pix 01c
Firing Line
FC04 Ch 56 Pix 01a
Nittany Budget Motel
 CITE Friendship Face
Chapter 59
FC04 Ch 59 Pix 01b
Family Reunion
FC04 Ch 59 Pix 01a
Longhua Liao
 CITE Friendship The Call
Chapter 62
FC04 Ch 62 Pix 01b
A Small and Deadly War
MultiPhoto 09
 CITE Friendship Invitation
Chapter 65
FC04 Ch 65 Pix 01d
The Little Town with an Accent
FC04 Ch 65 Pix 01c
Mexican Slayride
FC04 Ch 65 Pix 01a
MultiPhoto 09
 CITE Friendship BA 02
Chapter 66
FC04 Ch 66 Pix 01b
Pros and Cons
FC04 Ch 66 Pix 01a
Edouard Hermet
 CITE Friendship Molly - Joe
Chapter 68
FC04 Ch 68 Pix 01
 CITE Friendship Meadow
Chapter 69
FC04 Ch 69 Pix 01b
Bad Time on the Border
FC04 Ch 69 Pix 01c
West Coast Turnaround
FC04 Ch 69 Pix 01a


 CITE Friendship's Choice Part 5
Cover 5
FC05 Cover Pix 01
Casey Tucker
 CITE Friendship Surveillance
Chapter 73
FC05 Ch 73 Pix 01
The Grey Team
 CITE Friendship Carla01
Chapter 74 Photo 01
FC05 Ch 74 Pix 01b
Firing Line
FC05 Ch 74 Pix 01a
Edward Olive
 CITE Friendship Post Battle
Chapter 74 Photo 02
FC05 Ch 74 Pix 02b
Diamonds 'n Dust
FC05 Ch 74 Pix 02a
Crisp Architects
 CITE Friendship Walking
Chapter 75
FC05 Ch 75 Pix 01
Alive at Five
 CITE Friendship Trish
Chapter 77 Photo 01
FC05 Ch 77 Pix 02
Growing Pains
 CITE Friendship Son
Chapter 77 Photo 02
FC05 Ch 77 Pix 01
Annie Spratt
 CITE Friendship Phone Call
Chapter 78
FC05 Ch 78 Pix 01
The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas
 CITE Friendship View
Chapter 79 Photo 01
FC05 Ch 79 Pix 02a
FC05 Ch 79 Pix 02b
 CITE Friendship Train
Chapter 79 Photo 02
FC05 Ch 79 Pix 01
Ruslan Fatihov
 CITE Friendship Dew
Chapter 80
FC05 Ch 80 Pix 01
Sugar Bee