Shadowwalker's TAT Fanfic Directory --- Over 8100 Stories Listed

Fanfic sites tend to disappear without warning, and for various reasons. The purpose of this directory is to help readers locate A-Team fanfic that is out there - somewhere - more easily. The directory is updated on a monthly basis.

Stories which are only in my private archive (noted in listing) are available to individuals on request. Stories listed as "Unfinished" were not updated within twelve months of first posting or last update.

Stories you will NOT find in this directory include:

  • Stories which appeared only on sites for discussion, critiques, etc
  • Stories called A-Team but that only use the A-Team "structure"
  • Stories where the team members are merely "walk-ons"
  • RP (real person) stories
  • Read any notes, ratings, or warnings at each story's link. They are not included here.

    If you know of any story published on a public forum/site that is not listed here, or TAT fanfic sites which I have missed, PLEASE let me know so they can be included.

    Any corrections/additions to any part of this directory would be greatly appreciated.


    Shadowwalker's Fanfic