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As you may discover as you peruse the Internet, fanfic sites tend to disappear without warning, due either to actions by the host or the site owner. The purpose of this directory to help readers locate the A-Team fanfic that is out there - somewhere - more easily. The directory is updated on a monthly basis.

Stories you will not find in this directory include: RP (real person) fic; stories which are tagged as A-Team or posted to A-Team lists but which do not actually contain any A-Team characters, or where the characters are merely "walk-ons"; and stories which merely use the A-Team "structure" but which are not really about our guys (series or movie).

Read any notes, ratings, or warnings at each story's link.

If you know of any story published on a public forum/site that is not listed here, or TAT fanfic sites which I have missed, PLEASE let me know so they can be included.

Stories which are only in my private collection (See "Private") are available to individuals if requested, since they were, at some time, published. Quite a few of these private stories, particularly those from fanzines, are only available in pdf format. If you don't already have a pdf viewer, I would recommend FreeFileViewer. Also, due to file size limits, I can only send larger stories via Google Drive and they will be in several parts. (You do not have to have a Google account to access these.) If you want to merge these files and do not have a pdf editor, I would recommend either PDFSam (Download) and/or PDF24 (Online). PDF's can be a pain in the butt, but current OCR programs just aren't accurate enough to convert PDF to RTF. Most of these stories are well worth the effort.

Any corrections/additions to any part of this directory would be greatly appreciated.


 Intro  Directory  Updates  Sites  Authors  Fanzines  Missing Stories  A-Team Ratings