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As you will note in this month's Update List, I have added many "new" stories which appeared in A-Team fanzines. I am trying to locate and preserve as many of these stories as possible, especially since the A-Team Lending Library has apparently been disbanded. I have added a separate page listing fanzines (and individual stories from those fanzines) which I am still trying to locate/acquire. Amazingly, as I searched for known fanzines, I found more and more I hadn't heard of before. While I have also found sources to purchase some of these fanzines, they are rarely cheap - so I'm hoping if anyone out there has copies of the fanzines (or the individual stories) they would be willing to share, they will let me know so we can make them available to others. So please, check out the current "crop" of stories - and the fanzine page for any you may have sitting in that dusty box on the shelf :)

I've also been doing some rather involved updating of the Directory vis a vis author listings, updating links, etc - so if you notice any glitches/broken links/oddities, please let me know. It's been kinda like putting one's hand in a grist mill so there may be some messes here and there...

Some general notes about this directory....

As you may discover as you peruse the Internet, fanfic sites tend to disappear without warning, due either to actions by the host or the site owner. The purpose of this directory to help readers locate more easily the A-Team fanfic that is out there - somewhere. The directory is updated on a monthly basis.

No 'real person' stories are included here, but slash, AU, gender-swap, kink, etc, etc, are. Read any notes, ratings, or warnings on the story's webpage.

If you know of any story published on a public forum/site that is not listed here, or TAT fanfic sites which I have missed, PLEASE let me know so they can be included.

Obviously, I have not read every story here. I have tried to mark movie!verse stories; however, because some authors have 'hybridized' series and movie into a single story, this may not be completely accurate. Authors are encouraged to let me know if I've got the 'verse wrong.

I have listed all found locations except those which only have a link to another site. The reason for listing all of them is that some sites can be rather cantakerous and may or may not take you to the listed story each time. Also, as mentioned, sites disappear, so having an alternative can save a lot of frustration.

Stories which are only in my private collection (See "Private") are available to individuals if requested, since they did, at one time, appear on the net. Also, if you have problems opening documents (particularly ".doc"), I have rtf copies of almost all stories listed here, so let me know and I can send you a copy.

Live Journal community entries can be tricky. You may have to expand entries to find the beginning of the story, or you may have to scroll up or down the page to do so. Some links include more than one story on that page, and some stories are untitled on the community but titled on private journals. I have tried to list both whenever possible.

Bear in mind, some of these sites are old and have not had any A-Team fics posted for a very long time.

Any corrections/additions to any part of this directory would be greatly appreciated.


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