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Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
After Mexico *Private
After the Breakout *Private
Always Gonna Be Sexy to MePrivate
Always the GentlemanPrivate
Always the Love of My Life *Private
Anniversary *Private
Anything for You, SonPrivate
Anytime *Private
Appreciation to the FullestPrivate
At Your Service *Private
Baby Bloom *Prologue onlyPrivate
Baby Makes Seven *Chapter 1Private
" "Chapter 2Private
" "ConclusionPrivate
BA's PromotionPrivate
BA's SurprisePrivate
Bearing Your SoulPrivate
Beauty Is Skin DeepPrivate
Because of You *Private
The Best *Private
The Best Christmas Present EverPrivate
Best Day EverPrivate
Best Day In the WorldPrivate
The Best FatherPrivate
Best Friends Through and ThroughPrivate
The Best News Ever *Private
Best Thing That Ever HappenedPrivate
The Best Thing That Ever Happened to MePrivate
Big Brothers and Little BrothersPrivate
Birthday Gift of Love *Private
Birthday PresentPrivate
Busy, Now?Private
Can't Get EnoughPrivate
Chance EncounterPrivate
Chip Off the Old Block *Private
Christmas GetawayPrivate
Coming Home AgainPrivate
Confident and Reassured *Private
Dates and Rumors *Private
Deep WithinPrivate
Deserve ItPrivate
Desires and Lusts *Private
Do Fine *Private
Don't Give Yourself Enough Credit *Private
Dreams Coming True *Private
Faceman's BirthdayPrivate
Face's Christmas SurprisePrivate
Face's Holiday BluesUnfinishedWAT
Face's Horrible DayPrivate
Family Christmas *Private
Family TogethernessPrivate
Fantasy Being FilledPrivate
Father and Son MomentPrivate
A Father Comforting a Son *Private
Feeling the Love *Private
First Date and MannerismsPrivate
First Impressions *Private
First TimePrivate
Free Hugs AnytimePrivate
Friendship GiftPrivate
Future *Private
Genius *Private
Gesture of Love and FriendshipPrivate
A Gift for MurdockPrivate
The Gift of Trust *Private
Good Going, GirlsPrivate
Good InsidePrivate
Good Night *Private
Great *Private
A Great Morning *Private
Greatest Day In the WorldPrivate
Greatest Gift In The WorldPrivate
Greatest Thing in the WorldPrivate
Hannibal's Confession *Private
Hannibal's Turn - Taking a Sick Day *Private
Hannibal's Valentine's Day SurprisePrivate
Happy Birthday, BA *Private
Happy Birthday, Face *Private
Happy Father's Day, Pop
/ Happy Father's Day, Hannibal
Heat Is High *Private
Heat of Attraction *Private
Hell Has No FuryFFN
" "FFN-M
Homelife and Domestic BlissPrivate
Hostage on the High Seas *Private
Hot Shower EncounterPrivate
Hungry Like A WolfPrivate
I Love You *Story OnePrivate
" "Story TwoPrivate
I Will Always Be There For YouPrivate
Insecurities *Private
Into the NightPrivate
It Could Not Get Better Than This *Private
It's Fun to Be a Kid SometimesPrivate
It's No Big ThingPrivate
Just a Bad DayPrivate
Just Know *Private
Just Returning the Favor *Private
Just Say Anything *Private
Just Simply *Private
Keeping the PromiseFFN
" "FFN-M
Knew That You Can Do ItPrivate
Ladies of the Night and Pleasure Masters *Private
Long Wait and AnticipationPrivate
Looking Back Through the YearsPrivate
Love and MemoriesPrivate
Love Is SacredPrivate
Love Is the Most Important ThingPrivate
Love of Someone Special *Private
Love SpellPrivate
Love UnexpectedPrivate
A Lover's Valentine's DayPrivate
The Lucky One *Private
Making It Work *Private
Meant For Each Other *Private
Miracles *Private
More Than Meets the Eye *Private
A Mother's LovePrivate
Murdock's Special Day *Private
Needing ConfidencePrivate
Never Alone *Private
Never Give Up *Private
Not Fucking Fun Being SickPrivate
Now That You Are HerePrivate
Old Flames Don't Die: Huntress, Siren, & Temptess All In OnePrivate
One Night: Second Chances: A New Beginning *Private
One, Two, Three *Private
Passed the TestPrivate
Passion *Private
Perfect ChristmasPrivate
Perfect Date and WeekPrivate
Perfect LifePrivate
Perfect Match *Private
Prisoner of the Night: Desirable Side of LovePrivate
Proposal Of LovePrivate
Real FamilyPrivate
The Real Reason *16174
Returning the FavorFFN
" "FFN-M
Rhythm of the Night - Playing the GamePrivate
The Road to Hell and RedemptionPrivate
Saying Goodbye Is the Hardest Thing to DoPrivate
Secret Love *Private
Seeing The World In New Ways *Private
Sentence Fit the Crime *Private
Sex On the Beach *Private
Sexual Tension and Attraction Are ReleasedPrivate
Stuck In the Cold and Snow *Private
Support *Private
Support No Matter WhatPrivate
Surprise for Face *Private
Three Simple WordsPrivate
To Be LovedPrivate
To MePrivate
To the Moon and Back *Private
A Token of Valentine's DayPrivate
Top Priority - FriendshipPrivate
Trust and Tenderness *Private
Ultimate Gift and a New BeginningPrivate
United - We are FamilyPrivate
Vampiresses - Ladies of the NightPrivate
The Vow *Private
Want You So BadlyPrivate
War and PeacePrivate
The Wedding Day and NightPrivate
What I Can't Have *Private
A Wish Came TruePrivate
Worth ItPrivate
Worth the RiskOriginalPrivate
" "RevisedPrivate
You Are Beautiful *Private
You Are My Best FriendPrivate


Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
Being TherePrivate
CelebrationBeing TherePrivate
Breakfast Among FriendsPrivate
Afternoon DelightsBreakfast Among FriendsPrivate
Evening and Midnight SnacksAfternoon DelightsPrivate
Cause, You Suck At ItAO3
Dreams Do Come TrueCause, You Suck At ItAO3
************************************************** Count On UsPrivate Being There for FamilyCount On UsPrivate ************************************************** Down Time and Domestic Life *Private Holiday Getaway *Down Time and Domestic LifePrivate ************************************************** An Encounter To Remember *Private Fantasy of Love *An Encounter To RememberPrivate Hot Romantic Evening for Two *Fantasy of LovePrivate Working On It *Hot Romantic Evening for TwoPrivate Games Being Played *Working On ItPrivate Can't Keep Hands Off Of Each Other *Games Being PlayedPrivate Horniest Day of the Year *Can't Keep Hands Off Of Each OtherPrivate Lactating and Milking Juicy Breasts *Horniest Day of the YearUnfinishedPrivate ************************************************** Enduring the Pleasure Initation - Erotic ShowPrivate Card Playing - Love StyleEnduring The Pleasure InitationPrivate ************************************************** Erotic Blowjob and Show *Private The Return for a Passionate Night *Erotic Blowjob and ShowPrivate ************************************************** The Flavor of the Week and Payment *Private The Interview *The Flavor of the Week and PaymentPrivate Conference Room and Bedroom *The InterviewPrivate Through the Ringer *Conference Room and BedroomPrivate ************************************************** For the Mission *Private Fatal BeautyFor the MissionPartial13212 " "CompletePrivate Living and Natural ArtFatal BeautyPrivate ************************************************** Getting Over the HurdlePrivate ShockerGetting Over the HurdlePrivate ************************************************** HeartFFN " "FFN-M Morning of PassionHeartFFN " "FFN-M Always and ForeverMorning of PassionFFN " "FFN-M ************************************************** The Hot and Passionate Anniversary NightPrivate A Hot Romantic EveningThe Hot and Passionate Anniversary NightPrivate ************************************************** In the Night *Private Just Like This *In The NightPrivate ************************************************** Just Be YouPrivate The Honeymoon *Just Be YouPrivate ************************************************** Just Happy *Private Best Valentine's Day Present Ever *Just HappyPrivate ************************************************** The Little Shop Of Love - It BeginsPrivate Master Over OwnerIt BeginsPrivate Cum For Us, TempletonMaster Over OwnerPrivate ************************************************** Maggie's Unexpected Valentine's Day SurprisePrivate Maggie's Surprise for HannibalMaggie's Unexpected Valentine's Day SurprisePrivate ************************************************** A New BeginningFFN " "FFN-M It WorksA New BeginningFFN " "FFN-M Winners No Matter WhatIt WorksFFN " "FFN-M Night Time RitualWinners No Matter WhatPrivate Daughters and FathersNight Time RitualPrivate Just Like UsDaughters and FathersPrivate ************************************************** Pampering *Private Guardians *PamperingPrivate ************************************************** Playing With Fire - Dangerous GamePrivate Dominating and MasteringPlaying With Fire - Dangerous GameProloguePrivate All That You Can Have and WantDominating and MasteringUnfinishedPrivate ************************************************** Pleasure Chamber *Private Getting Use to Each Other *Pleasure ChamberPrivate Night Heat Turns Into Passion *Getting Use To Each OtherPrivate ************************************************** Pleasure Hostage: Kisses That Spark *Private Hannibal's Turn *Pleasure Hostage: Kisses That SparkPrivate ************************************************** PromisePrivate RecoveringPromisePrivate ************************************************** Promises and Second Chances *ProloguePrivate Family Forever *Promises and Second ChancesPrivate Rescued *Family ForeverPrivate ************************************************** The ProposalPrivate Best That I Could Ever Ask ForThe ProposalPrivate ************************************************** Putting On A Sex ShowPrivate Hot Passionate NightPutting On A Sex ShowPrivate Making It Look GoodHot Passionate NightPrivate Just Gotten BetterMaking It Look GoodPrivate Rocking Your WorldJust Gotten BetterPrivate ************************************************** Put Your Heart In My HandsAO3 But What A Way To GoPut Your Heart In My HandsAO3 ************************************************** Sex Experiment-Bisexual and Horny Vampiresses *Private Ripe and Ready for the Picking *Sex Experiment-Bisexual and Horny VampiressesPrivate Anatomy Lesson - Milking of Essence *Ripe and Ready for the PickingPrivate Tied Up and Spread Out *Anatomy LessonPrivate Final Showdown - Sexual Claim *Tied Up and Spread OutPrivate ************************************************** Stress Reliever BlowjobPrivate Perfect Way to the End the DayStress Reliever BlowjobPrivate ************************************************** Submission and DominancePrivate The Dominant OneSubmission and DominancePrivate ************************************************** They Are Each Other's MatchesPrivate Havana Nights Of LoveThey Are Each Other's MatchesPrivate ************************************************** Vow: Protecting FamilyPrivate " " - Hannibal's TurnVow: Protecting FamilyPrivate " " - Face's TurnHannibal's TurnPrivate ************************************************** Washing and Sleeping the Day AwayPrivate You Have No IdeaWashing and Sleeping The Day AwayPrivate ************************************************** You Are More Than ThatPrivate Morning AfterYou Are More Than ThatPrivate Everything Is Fine NowMorning AfterPrivate Life Is PerfectEverything Is Fine NowPrivate Happiness, FinallyLife Is PerfectPrivate

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