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Stand-Alone Stories

Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
A is forA-MARCH (WB)
" "CompleteSLASH (WB)
Aquamaniac VS the Roman EmpireUnfinishedSLASH (WB)
Are You Lonesome Tonight, John Coltrane?SLASH (WB)
As Long as You Love Me SoARCH (WB)
Blue Jeans and Brown Leather JacketsSLASH (WB)
CharmingChallenge 6SLASH (WB)
Come on Baby, Light My FireARCH (WB)
The Couch was NarrowSLASH (WB)
CowboySLASH (WB)
Crazy Fool LoveARCH (WB)
Do We Dream When We’re Dead, Lazarus?Missing Scene 1SLASH (WB)
DreadARCH (WB)
The Fire in the FlintARCH (WB)
FireworksSLASH (WB)
The First TimeARCH (WB)
Golfing the Old Chisholm TrailMissing Scene 6SLASH (WB)
The Heart is a Changing PlaceARCH (WB)
Heat - Vietnam, April 1969SLASH (WB)
If You Love SomethingARCH (WB)
The Invisible DogARCH (WB)
The Last Time I Saw AngelsARCH (WB)
LaundryARCH (WB)
Letters from JulietMissing Scene 8SLASH (WB)
Love Against the GodsMissing Scene 3SLASH (WB)
Merry Christmas, John WayneSLASH (WB)
The Naming of PartsPoemARCH (WB)
Night Won't Set Me FreeUnfinished
Chapter 1-2
" "Chapter 3ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 4-5ARCH (WB)
" "Unfinished (Chapter 6)SLASH (WB)
Nor the Seas Change Us, Nor the Tempests BendSLASH (WB)
ProtectionARCH (WB)
" "Missing Scene 2SLASH (WB)
Saigon WaltzSLASH (WB)
Saying GoodbyeChallenge 6SLASH (WB)
Sewing LessonsARCH (WB)
Shadows of Old ScarsARCH (WB)
The Shell GameChapter 1-2ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 3ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 4ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 5ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 6ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 7-8ARCH (WB)
The ShowerSLASH (WB)
SleepingSLASH (WB)
Soft WordsSLASH (WB)
Stars in Their EyesSLASH (WB)
The Still PointChallenge 6SLASH (WB)
The Things You Don't SeeMissing Scene 5SLASH (WB)
The Time BetweenSLASH (WB)
WakingSLASH (WB)
What Frankie SawAnd Sometimes There’ll Be SorrowMissing Scene 4SLASH (WB)