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Georgia Bentz

Stand-Alone Stories

Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
The A-Team/Superman X-overXOver - SupermanARCH (WB)
An Adventure in ChicagoSusie OwensARCH (WB)
" "" "FFN
" "" "FFN-M
Afraid of FlyingARCH (WB)
Babysitting AdventuresARCH (WB)
BA's Valentine's DayARCH (WB)
Being Benjamin SolomonARCH (WB)
Car WreckARCH (WB)
Christmas BrawlARCH (WB)
Christmas Gifts and MiraclesARCH (WB)
DoggoneARCH (WB)
FoundARCH (WB)
The Four FugitivesARCH (WB)
Helping OutARCH (WB)
How I Fell in Love with MurdockARCH (WB)
Katie J (and a Knight's Tale)ARCH (WB)
Love Found in an ElevatorXOver - Diagnosis: MurderSLASH (WB)
Maggie SullivanARCH (WB)
Making Mama SmileARCH (WB)
Murdock and the Christmas TreePrivate
Murdock Gets a FishARCH (WB)
My Mary-Sueish WeddingARCH (WB)
Playing with CarsARCH (WB)
ProbableARCH (WB)
Rules for the Pilot to FollowARCH (WB)
Say Cheese!ARCH (WB)
Summer VacationARCH (WB)
ThanksgivingARCH (WB)
A Time for FamilyARCH (WB)
Torturing the FacemanARCH (WB)
War is HellARCH (WB)
" "WOM
Where You BelongARCH (WB)


Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
Langley......ARCH (WB)
Refusal to Give InLangley...ARCH (WB)
Please Don't Ever Leave MeSusie OwensARCH (WB)
" "" "SLASH (WB)
" "" "SLASH1
For the Love of a ChildPlease Don't Ever Leave MeChapter 1-5Susie OwensARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 6" "ARCH (WB)
" "" "SLASH (WB)
A Romantic Night Turned Upside Down......SLASH (WB)
A Romantic BeginningA Romantic Night Turned up side Down...SLASH (WB)
The Second Generation - Hannibal-Matthew's Idea......ARCH (WB)
The Second Generation's Next Adventure - Nick's Great EscapeHannibal-Matthew's Idea...ARCH (WB)
The Shrink - The Next AdventureThe Shrink...ARCH (WB)

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