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Irene Snyder Schwarting

Stand-Alone Stories

Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
All for OnePlans, Scams and Vans 3PSV 3
A Conman's HolidayPlans, Scams and Vans 4PSV 4
Doin' it with StylePlans, Scams and Vans 3PSV 3
The Episode Guide from HellPlans, Scams and Vans 3Frank Cortez, Liz Meinert, N N Pellegrini, Rhonda EudalyPSV 3
Out of the Frying PanXOver - MASH
Plans, Scams and Vans 2
Untitled (Round Robin)On the Jazz Newsletter
Chapter 1
N N PellegriniJAZZ1
" "JAZZ2
" "Chapter 2JAZZ1
" "JAZZ2
Strange BedfellowsA-FilesThe A-FILES
To Honorable EnemiesDeadly Maneuvers 1Private
What’s in a NamePlans, Scams and Vans 5PSV 5

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