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Stand-Alone Stories

Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
All I NeedSLASH (WB)
All I've Ever Wanted to DoMissing Scene 5SLASH (WB)
And Then the Morning ComesARCH (WB)
Begging and PleadingSLASH (WB)
Can't Fight the MoonlightARCH (WB)
Dancing in the RainMissing Scene 6SLASH (WB)
A Day at the BeachSLASH (WB)
FallingPoemSLASH (WB)
FoolChapter 1-6ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 7-12ARCH (WB)
Getting to Know YouARCH (WB)
HeatwaveSLASH (WB)
If It Hadn’t Been for YouSLASH (WB)
Into the LightPoemSLASH (WB)
It Should’ve BeenMissing Scene 4SLASH (WB)
It Was Then that I Carried YouSLASH (WB)
Lie to MePoemARCH (WB)
Love Me TenderSLASH (WB)
Operation SunsetSLASH (WB)
Playing SoldierARCH (WB)
The Poker GamePoemSLASH (WB)
The Right Kind of WrongSLASH (WB)
Running Out of GasCathaySLASH (WB)
The TripSLASH (WB)
UnconditionalARCH (WB)
Valentine's DancePoemSLASH (WB)
When Darkness FallsARCH (WB)

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