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Stand-Alone Stories

Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
Bayou NightARCH (WB)
Glory and StrengthARCH (WB)
I Will Never Be the SameARCH (WB)
If I Only Had a PlanPoemARCH (WB)
NumbedChallenge 6SLASH (WB)
One Tin SoldierUnfinishedARCH (WB)
Over the RainbowChallgenge 6SLASH (WB)
Post Holiday Uses for MistletoeARCH (WB)
Ride’m CowboyChallenge 6SLASH (WB)
Sugar-BottomsARCH (WB)
Taking the PlungeARCH (WB)
Tell Me About the Good Ol' DaysARCH (WB)
The WalkARCH (WB)


Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
GeminiIndexARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 1ARCH (WB)
Gemini's RevengeGeminiARCH (WB)
Gemini's HopeGemini's RevengeARCH (WB)
Gemini's FollyGemini's HopeARCH (WB)
Gemini's DayGemini's FollyARCH (WB)
Double Gemini's RevelationsGemini's DayChapter 1-7ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 8-13ARCH (WB)
Double Gemini's RedemptionRevelationsARCH (WB)
Opposites AttractIndexARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 1ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 2ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 3ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 4ARCH (WB)
Up to a PointOpposites AttractChapter 1-9ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter A, 1-9ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter B, 1-5ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter C, 1-7ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter D, 1-9ARCH (WB)
Turn the PageUp to a PointUnfinished
Chapter 1-5
" "Chapter 6-10ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 11-13ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 14-15ARCH (WB)
Sprinkle of Pixie DustARCH (WB)
More Pixie DustSprinkle of Pixie DustARCH (WB)
Love BitesMore Pixie DustARCH (WB)
All that JazzLove BitesARCH (WB)
Lovers or MadmenAll that JazzARCH (WB)
DefineLovers or MadmenARCH (WB)
Cabin FeverDefineARCH (WB)
Night MelodiesCabin FeverARCH (WB)
The Dust SettlesNight MelodiesARCH (WB)
The Dust FliesThe Dust SettlesARCH (WB)
Dressed DownThe Dust FliesARCH (WB)
PhantomsDressed DownARCH (WB)
Flip A CoinPhantomsARCH (WB)
Where Have You Gone Joe Dimagio?Flip A CoinARCH (WB)
A Quick and Painless DeathWhere Have You Gone Joe Dimagio?ARCH (WB)
Damn!A Quick and Painless DeathARCH (WB)
Watch Over MeDamn!ARCH (WB)
On The Road To RecoveryWatch Over MeARCH (WB)
On The Road To Recovery IIOn The Road To RecoveryARCH (WB)
Uh OhOn The Road To Recovery IIARCH (WB)
If I Could Turn Back TimeUh OhARCH (WB)
The Stars Are Shining TonightIf I Could Turn Back TimeARCH (WB)
Getting To Know YouThe Stars Are Shining TonightARCH (WB)
Jailhouse RockGetting To Know YouMIA/MISSMIA/MISS
The Time of Your Life (sorta)Jailhouse RockARCH (WB)
Let's Get Together an' Feel All RightThe Time of Your Life (sorta)ARCH (WB)
Everything's Gonna Be Al'rightLet's Get Together an' Feel All RightARCH (WB)
The Red StrokeEverything's Gonna Be Al'rightARCH (WB)
The Red Stroke IIThe Red StrokeARCH (WB)
Man, Woman, Tub, BedThe Red Stroke IIARCH (WB)
Give and TakeMan, Woman, Tub, BedARCH (WB)
Tu Vas VoirGive and TakeChapter 1-2ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 3ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 4ARCH (WB)
Deadly Maneuvers-AftermathTu Vas VoirChapter 1-2ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 3-4ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 5ARCH (WB)
Night MovesDeadly Maneuvers - Aftermath 5ARCH (WB)
Double Barrel Shotgun WeddingNight MovesChapter 1-3ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 4-6ARCH (WB)
The Game of LifeDouble Barrel Shotgun WeddingChapter 1-2ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 3-5ARCH (WB)
Home for the HolidaysThe Game of LifeChapter 1-3ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 4-5ARCH (WB)
" "Chapter 6-7ARCH (WB)
Where I BelongARCH (WB)
Where We BelongWhere I BelongARCH (WB)

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