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Stand-Alone Stories

Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
The Alter Boy and the Matzo *AO3
Auto Corset_Auto Connect_Auto Correct *AO3
Becoming Adults *AO3
Best Ensamble in a DramaAO3
A Better Match *AO3
By the Sea *AO3
Cathy *AO3
Coffee and Hugo *AO3
Come to MeAO3
Didn't Know If It Was Day or Night *AO3
Doubt *AO3
Dreams Past and Tonight's Nightmare *AO3
End of the Day *AO3
Fool In the Rain *AO3
A Gift ExchangeAO3
Give and Take *AO3
Harvest Moon *AO3
Home for the HolidayAO3
If You Die On Me, I'll Kill You *AO3
It Ain’t Easy Being PrettyAO3
Just The Two Of Us (or Not) *AO3
Leave No Man Behind *AO3
Lies *AO3
Like Pulling Teeth *AO3
Love at Sight *AO3
Norway’s Bravest Son *AO3
Of Sports Cars and Regrets *AO3
Old Acquaintances and a New Year *AO3
Old Trees Just Grow Stronger *AO3
The Perfect GiftAO3
Puppy Breath *AO3
Putting Things Right *AO3
Raising the Roof *AO3
The Responsibility of Ownership *AO3
See You Later? *AO3
Snow and MistletoeAO3
Sons and FathersAO3
Stress *AO3
Taking Care of the Ladies *Ref: The Only ManAO3
This and That *AO3
Time *AO3
Vitreous Hemorrhage *AO3
We Have Him Boss *AO3
White Mess *AO3


Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
Family Matters *AO3
We Could Be Heroes *Family MattersAO3
Hell Hath No Fury Like a Teenage Girl *We Could Be HeroesAO3
Reparations *Hell Hath No Fury Like a Teenage GirlAO3
Ode to David Kessler *AO3
Rabbits on the Run *Ode to David KesslerAO3
RainbowXOver - Series / MovieAO3
There's No Face in This FaceRainbowDrimmsyDraAO3
Telling Secrets *AO3
Care For a Mint? *Telling SecretsAO3

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