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T Roubles

Stand-Alone Stories

Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
After the ShowdownPure Porn Special / OutragePrivate
Arabian NightmareOne Way or Another 2Private
Beneath the Surface BluesBeneath the Surface
Ref: Under the Surface Blues
A Bite of the AppleRipples of JamestownPrivate
Chopping Spree - A Missing SceneAO3
Comrades in ArmsOne Way or Another 4Private
Every Dog Has His DayCHAE
Fever DreamsAO3
" "SQW
Interlude by a WaterfallAO3
A Little R 'n RCHAE
Misunderstandings - Stranger Than FictionCHAE
One Perfect DayCHAE
Plans and PlotsARCH (WB)
A Question of Infidelity
/ A Kind of Infidelity
" "ARCH (WB)
RescueBeneath the SurfacePrivate
Ripples of JamestownRipples of JamestownPrivate
Snowbound ParadiseUncharted Waters 3AO3
Thereby Hangs a TailOne Way or Another 3Private
Under the Surface BluesRef: Beneath the Surface BluesARCH (WB)
Valentine's Day AffairBeneath the SurfacePrivate
Where is the Monster - A Missing SceneAO3
" "ARCH (WB)
" "SQW


Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
Aftermath - Part OneOutrageAO3
" " - Part TwoAO3
" " - Part ThreeAO3
" " - Part FourAO3
VengeanceSting in the TailOne Way or Another 1Private

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