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Stand-Alone Stories

Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
A Crime They Didn't CommitOriginalPrivate
" "Revised
WIP (Chapter 03)
Hang in There - HannibalPrivate
The ReunionPrivate


Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
Don't Let Me Go - FaceOriginalPrivate
" "RevisedWAT
Happy Birthday - MurdockDon't Let Me Go - FaceOriginalPrivate
" "RevisedWAT
I've Gotcha - BAHappy Birthday - MurdockOriginalPrivate
" "RevisedWAT
My Perfect Plan - HannibalI've Gotcha - BAOriginalPrivate
" "RevisedWAT
Moving DayMy Perfect Plan - HannibalWAT
Cigars?Moving DayWAT
A Hidden PastCigars?WAT
Was It a Dream?A Hidden PastWAT
Shadows in the NightWas It a Dream?WAT
A Colonel's End?Shadows in the NightWAT
Curtain CallsA Colonel's End?WAT
A Question PendingCurtain CallsWAT
It's Crazy Who You Met!A Question PendingWAT
Missing?It's Crazy Who You Met!WAT
Leaving, You Don't Have To?Missing?WAT
Home From HomeLeaving, You Don't Have To?WAT
It Doesn't Have to Be RealHome From HomeWAT
The American DreamIt Doesn't Have to Be RealWAT
Los Angeles ExperienceThe American DreamWAT
Hot Under the CollarLos Angeles ExperienceWAT
Wanting MoreHot Under the CollarWAT
Once More Can't HurtWanting MoreWAT
Something To DoOnce More Can't HurtWAT
Old AcquaintancesSomething To DoWAT
Summertime FunOld AcquaintancesWAT
Twenty First Centry ColonelSummertime FunWAT
A Question for HimTwenty First Centry ColonelWAT
HannibalA Question for Him WAT
ChangeHannibal WAT

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