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Stand-Alone Stories

Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
Alone Time *notjustafaceDW47
Anniversary *" "DW49
Untitled (Before the Finale) *" "DW49
Best-Laid Plans *" "DW49
Boundaries *" "DW47
Breakdown *DW49
Built A Better Bear (For Love!) *notjustafaceDW47
Calm Before the Storm *" "DW47
The Concept of Settling Down *" "DW47
Fins and Fangs *" "DW49
Heart Breaker *" "DW47
History Repeating Itself *" "DW49
Home Is Where the Heart Is *" "DW49
Just Two Guys in Hammock *" "DW47
Learn the Steps/Wear My Ring *" "DW47
Like Kids in a (Adult) Toystore *" "DW47
A Long-Overdue Phone Call *DW49
Los Angeles - The First Touch *notjustafaceDW47
Married in Vegas *" "DW47
Memories Best Left Behind *" "DW47
New Year's Resolution *" "DW47
The Other Woman *" "DW47
Picking Up the Pieces *notjustafaceDW49
Rebuilding Bonds *" "DW49
Reminders *" "DW49
This Is Our Life *DW49


Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author Location
It's a TRAP *......notjustafaceDW47
Recovery *It's a TRAP..." "DW47
The Love Boat - Day One *......notjustafaceDW47
The Love Boat - Day Three *The Love Boat - Day One..." "DW47
Moving In *......notjustafaceDW47
Settling In *Moving In..." "DW49
Less Top Gun, More Cocktail *Settling In..." "DW47
And It All Ends Far Too Soon *Less Top Gun, More Cocktail..." "DW47
Thrift Shop Threads *......notjustafaceDW47
Forest Porn *Thrift Shop Threads..." "DW47

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