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Stand-Alone Stories

Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
Amends *1086
" "LJ30
And It Had Gone from There *2941
Apology *311
BA's Best Idea Ever *Repost11355
Untitled (Champagne) *LJ30
Codes *Unfinished7779
Coming Out *1086
Condoms, Iced Coffee, and a Gas Tank *1086
Contact *4432
Convalescence *Unfinished13212
Curious *4432
Distinguished Grey *0311
Do They Know It's Christmastime at All? *Unfinished16174
Epilouge *1086
Face's Sexy Lesson *6909
First in a Yurt *8532
Firsts *2941
" "LJ30
Five Times Face Almost Cried in Front of Murdock and One Time He Couldn't Hold It In *0311
" "LJ30
Five Times, Holiday Edition *1086
Five Times Murdock Got Angry But Held It In and One Time He Didn't *1086
" "LJ30
Five Times Someone Wrote on Face's Back *0311
" "LJ30
For Medicinal Purposes *Unfinished6909
Foreshadowing *Private
Four Walks of Shame *0311
Functioning *7779
Guilty Parties *2941
" "LJ30
Handcuffs, an Eyemask, and a Teacup Plan *Private
House-Warming *0311
" "LJ30
I'm a Pragmatist *6909
In a Pinch *6909
Lynch in a Pinch *2941
" "Chapter 1DW34
" "Chapter 2DW34
" "LJ30
Man Talk *7779
Moving On (And Out) *4432
Not Entirely Platonic *LJ30
Not in the Mood *1086
" "LJ30
Nothing Like a Seroquel Cocktail *7779
Old Dogs, New Tricks *Unfinished10467
One Last Choice *1086
Playing Against Type *0311
" "LJ30
Plus One *1086
" "LJ30
Untitled (Prison) *2941
Proper Clearance *Private
Remedial Chaos Theory *16174
Roommates *2941
Untitled (Snapshots!) *XOver - Arrested Development
" "LJ30
Some Like it Hot(ter)1086
Space Invaders *6909
" "LJ30
Step Right Up *2941
Tailoring *11355
The Good Ice Cream *6909
Untitled (The Island) *1086
Touch of the Flu *4432
Trust *13212
Unknown Title *Private
Valium Nights *1086
Variation on Theme *7779
What Will the Neighbors Think? *1086
Whirlpool *6909
You Said You Wanted the Best *6909
Untitled (You Tell Him) *6909


Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
Definitely Awake *0311
" "LJ30
Five Times Face Realized Just How Insane Murdock Was *Definitely AwakeChapter 6a - "Better Than Ativan" Chapter 11086
" "LJ30
Better Than Ativan *Five Times Face Realized Just How Insane Murdock WasChapter 11086
" "Chapter 21086
" "LJ30
Minor Detour *Better Than Ativan2941
" "LJ30
Eton Stripe *Minor Detour0311
" "LJ30
Eton Stripe II *Eton Stripe0311
Some Sort of CommoditiesEton Stripe II0311
" "LJ30
Bad-Assery *Some Sort of Commodities0311
" "LJ30
Finesse Player *Bad-Assery0311
" "LJ30
Snow Day *Finesse PlayerLJ30
Theme of the Day *Snow DayLJ30
Anatomy of a (B)romance *Theme of the Day1086
" "LJ30
Abstraction *Anatomy of a (B)romance1086
" "LJ30
Trophies *Abstraction1086
" "DW34
" "LJ30
Don't Go *Trophies2941
" "LJ30
Catharsis *Don't Go4432
" "LJ30
Only Fools Fall in Love *Catharsis6909
Casts *Only Fools Fall in Love7779
Better than Babies *CastsUnfinished7779
And Then *Better than Babies17954
Outside Consultant *Chapter 1DW34
" "Chapter 2DW34
" "Chapter 3DW34
" "Chapter 4DW34
" "LJ30
Lynch Comes Back *Outside Consultant4432
Some Kind of Bullshit *1086
" "LJ30
Better Use *Some Kind of BullshitLJ30

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