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Stand-Alone Stories

Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
After the Storm *Unfinished7779
Anticipation *Unfinished4432
Bareback *7779
Blast from the Past *7779
" "AO3
Career Advice *Unfinished13212
Christmas Eve *Private
Coming Out *0311
" "LJ35
Untitled (Cuddlebug) *1086
Desperation *1086
" "LJ35
Disarmed *Unfinished6909
Endurance Training *6909
Exposed *LJ35
Untitled (First Time) *1086
Five Times Face Kissed Hannibal, and One Time Hannibal Kissed Face *2941
" "AO3
" "LJ35
Untitled (Foreplay) *2941
From Badgers to Silver Foxes *4432
G *0311
Gloves *2941
" "LJ35
Hannibal's Favourite Present *16174
Interlude *Private
A Lack of Choice *6909
Let It Go *Unfinished7779
Never Too Much Information *Unfinished2941
" "LJ35
Untitled (Night) *1086
Old Dog, New Tricks *First Story0311
Old Dogs, New Tricks *Second Story4432
" "AO3
" "LJ35
Untitled (Old Man) *13949
Out of the Jungle *Unfinished16174
Untitled (Pancakes) *2941
Untitled (Picture Prompt) *sonora_coneja10467
Plugged In *10467
Possession *LJ35
Post-Op Complications *Unfinished11355
Practice Does Not Make Perfect *1086
Simple Gifts *Unfinished7779
Soaring And Crashing *Unfinished
Chapter 1
" "Chapter 2LJ35
Somnambulism *AO3
" "LJ35
Untitled (Sooner or Later) *1086
Teamwork *Unfinished4432
Things to Come *6909
Untitled (Those Two Things) *1086
" "LJ35
Three Little Words *13949
Unbearable *10467
The Van *1086
What If? *Chapter 11086
" "Chapter 1LJ35
" "Chapter 2LJ35
Untitled (Which Way to Berlin?) *2941


Title (* Movie)
Previous Story Notes Co-Author(s) Location
Hannibal's Bracelet *2941
The In-Laws *Hannibal's BraceletUnfinished2941
Past Lives *4432
Deleted Scene A *Past Lives4432

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