SUMMARY: For those of you who prefer "just the facts", here is the time line I used for "Their World and Welcome to It". It includes the reference citations, as well, so you know what's canon, what's "real world" fact, and what I deduced from combining the two. Dates and some places for episodes are gleaned from hints in the show itself - calendars, signs, even growing seasons. This is still be worked on, as I'm adding/adjusting things as I write "Their World".

DISCLAIMER: The characters from the series 'A-Team' and any other characters used from television or film belong to their relevant owners and are used here only for pleasure and not for profit. All other characters belong to this author. Any similarities with real life characters or situations are unintentional and coincidental.

NOTES: For this (or virtually any) scenario to work, there are a couple of caveats I think one has to accept. One, any dates (or references to dates) in "The Bells of St Mary's" are erroneous. Period. Two, Stockwell was concerned only with the team's military record, and thus didn't care about the obvious discrepancies in their vital statistics - ie, DOBs are wrong. Third, when anyone talks of "10 years ago" or "15 years ago", they are generalizing the actual time period. For example, in "Recipe for Heavy Bread", they speak of the POW camp occurring "ten years ago", which would mean it happened in 1973. Twelve years would work.

Hannibal's rank of colonel also causes great problems. Even the commander of the Fifth Special Forces in Vietnam was never higher than a lieutenant colonel. Also, the highest ranking officer I have found in the field was captain. I have taken advantage of the fact Project Delta, and Special Forces in general, were given more leeway in terms of how they operated. However, Hannibal does not take part in nearly as many actual missions as it would seem in the show. Hopefully, I have adequately compensated for that.

So, if one accepts those three premises, all other references to the team's history made during the show mesh, not only with each other, but with actual historical events. So that is what I have done. If there are any military historians out there who spot blatant problems, feel free to let me know so I can see if I can work through them. That goes for details in the shows that I may have missed as well. After hours of studying military records and the DVDs, it wouldn't surprise me a bit to have missed something major.

Some of the abbreviations are as follows:
  • 118 = 118th Assault Helicopter Company (Thunderbirds)
  • 1AC = First Air Cavalry Division
  • 281 = 281st Assault Helicopter Company (Intruders)
  • Delta = Project Delta (not to be confused with Delta Force)
  • FAB = First Aviation Brigade
  • NKA = North Korean Army
  • SFG = Special Forces Group
RATING: PG ***** COPYRIGHT: August 2007