January 06 --- Persuasion

Holiday: Fruitcake Toss Day

"You wanna go where?!"

"Manitou Springs, Colorado."

"And for what?"

"The Great Fruitcake Toss. It'll be great, BA!"

"Why would I wanna go to some fruitcake toss? What the heck is that, anyway?"

Murdock frowned. "They toss fruitcakes, of course. But the really great thing, BA, is the way they toss them! They use catapults, and slingshots, and just tossing by hand. And they have a fruitcake derby, where they put wheels on them...d'you know the record toss for a fruitcake is over a thousand feet?"

BA scowled, shaking his head.

"Think about it, Big Guy. You could build something that would fling that ol' fruitcake way farther than a thousand feet. I know you could! BA Baracus, Champion Fruitcake Tosser!"

"Forget it, fool. Ain't tossin no cakes. That's just dumb."

"Oh, well, okay. I mean, if you can't build something that could throw a dumb old cake that far, I can see your point. Why embarrass yourself, right? No problem, BA. Forget it."

"Didn't say I couldn't. Said I wouldn't."

"Hey, no problemo, BA. I understand." Murdock looked sympathetically at his mark.

BA scowled even deeper.

"When is this toss thing?"

"Weekend after next."

BA shifted uncomfortably. "That's a long drive, man."


"And I'd have to have someplace to build it. If I was gonna build anything."


"Have to have it planned before, so's I could just pick up what I needed once we got there..."

Murdock nodded thoughtfully.

BA absently drew in the dirt.

"How heavy are these fruitcakes, anyway?"