Dec 04
It's Only Money
Holiday: Dice Day

"C'mon, LT - dice is hot tonight, man! You can't quit now."

"Yeah, I can, Jackie. Big day tomorrow."

Face smiled and headed down toward the team's quarters with Murdock at his side. Murdock wasn't so complacent.

"Should've stayed, Face. Those dice would've warmed up to us in a bit."

"Yeah, and we could've thrown the rest of our pay out the window before they did. No thanks."

"Well, it's not like you had any big plans for it. That new nurse shot you down like the Hindenburg."

Face started to protest, but just shrugged. "Wouldn't have had to spend that much on her anyway. No, I actually do have big plans for that money. A buddy of mine stateside is a real estate investor, and I've sent him every penny I can spare. He says there's a real boom going in California, and once I get out of here, he's making me a full partner." Face grinned happily at Murdock. "You, my dear captain, are looking at a future millionaire."

Murdock shook his head skeptically, but Face just kept grinning as they stepped into their quarters. Hannibal and BA were already there, waiting.

"So, Hannibal - Morrison tell you what this secret mission is?"