Dec 16
Some Day
Holiday: Barbie & Barney Backlash Day

Face finally found him in the most unlikely of places - even for Murdock.

"Murdock, what the hell are you doing?" Face kept his voice low, but the consternation was clear.

"Have you ever considered this, Face?" Murdock shoved the box so close to Face he felt his eyes cross.

"Murdock!" He grabbed the box, looking around in embarrassment.

"Think about it. Can you imagine a real live female built like that?"

Face stopped, startled, then looked speculatively at the doll in his hand.


"Seriously! Could she even walk?"

"Well, walking isn't all that important when you consider the other attributes."

"C'mon, Face." Murdock actually glared at him. "You'd smother!"

Suddenly noticing the glares from nearby matrons, Face hastily put the box back on the shelf and pulled Murdock away from the toy department.

"Those people really need to re-think their toys, y'know?"

"Yeah, Murdock, but right now - "

"Whatever happened to stuff like Teddy bears and Raggedy Ann?"

"No idea, Murdock." Face was hurrying now, remembering that Hannibal and BA were already unhappy about the delay. How was he going to explain this?

"What they really need is something soft and cuddly. Something really... friendly."

"Right, Murdock."

"Like a... an elephant. No! No, a dinosaur. A friendly dinosaur... with a big smile... yeah. A really big smile."

Face shoved Murdock into the van with an apologetic grimace at Hannibal and BA. Murdock settled into his seat, contemplating the ceiling.

"... and purple... "