Dec 17
Holiday: Underdog Day

Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. - Ayn Rand


BA stood by the van, watching the road leading up to the farmhouse. Hannibal didn't think the authorities had any idea who had left those goons tied up behind the police station, but it rarely took long once the bad guys started talking. And they were pretty close to the Army base - too close as far as BA was concerned.

He looked up at the farmhouse. Hannibal and Face were inside, finishing up with the clients. At least this time it was a paying job. BA was glad of that; he got tired of having to move in with Hannibal when the rent ran out. Or vice versa. They didn't stay with Face - he moved around more than any of them and BA didn't see any sense in moving in just to move out again. How Hannibal ever kept track of him...

He didn't like moving around all the time. If it wasn't money, it was the Army. And things had only gotten worse there since Amy started writing about them. He liked Amy, but he sure liked it better when they weren't so well known. Had more paying jobs back then, too. He shook his head at that. Face thought they'd make more money if more people knew about them. All it meant is that more people with no money could find them. Not that he minded helping them out. Their problems weren't any smaller just 'cause they weren't rich. But still...

He looked toward the barn, where Murdock was talking to Amy. More gibberish about chickens, or goats, or some other kind of farm thing, probably. They'd be dropping him off at the VA, and Amy off at the paper. She'd have one hell of story this time. These sleazebags had connections real high up. Real high up. Yeah, Amy's story would be all over the place in a couple days.

Waving another red flag in front of Decker.

Hannibal and Face came out of the house, shaking hands with the clients before heading toward the van, grinning and talking. Murdock and Amy hurried over, taking their seats.

"All set, BA. Let's go."

BA nodded and climbed in behind the wheel. He looked one last time at the house before pulling down the driveway.

Be nice to have one place to call home.