MAR 16 --- Hot Lips

Holiday: Lips Appreciation Day

It was his favorite dream, and he was savoring every moment of it. He moved closer, feeling her soft skin under his fingers, smelling her light perfume. He moved closer, pulling her gently, but firmly, tighter against his body. The silken hair brushed against his cheek as he made his way confidently to her lips. Her sweet, sweet lips...

She turned her head, teasing, and he moved quickly to her neck, nuzzling the downy flesh before moving down to her smooth shoulder. He felt her relax and moved assuredly back up her neck, to her chin, once again toward those luscious, full lips...lips that felt so...strange...


Hannibal heard the door down the hall slam. Hard. He stepped from the window and watched as Murdock came trudging into the living room. He held something in one hand, and had a defeated look on his face.


"I guess so." Murdock held out his hand, and Hannibal saw something red mashed up in his palm. "I don't think Face likes wax lips..."