January 29 --- Rattled

Holiday: Rattlesnake Roundup Day


"Yeah, Murdock?"

"You notice anything strange?"

"Strange? About what?"

"About how those guys kinda let us go."

"They didn't 'let us go', Murdock. We escaped."

"Well, we escaped awful easy, didn't we?"

"Not the first time the bad guys were inept."

"No, but they did spot us leaving."


"And they did kinda leave a big gap in their perimeter."

"Well, yeah."

"And this ravine leads right up to the road."


"And they aren't following us."

"Count your blessings. Now let's get moving before they do come after us."


"Now what?"

"Do you hear that?"


"That kinda...whirring noise."

"Uh, yeah - from over there."

"And...over there..."

"And there, too..."

"Face, does that sound like...?"

"Yeah, Murdock. Snakes."