JULY 1 --- I Scream, You Scream

Holiday: Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

"This is the life, right, Face?"

"Well, yeah, it's...nice." Face was reluctant to get over-enthused. It was, after all, not like moonlight and candles with a beautiful woman. But escaping the hot sun in the shade of a large tree, a soft cool breeze coming off the lake and his best friend remarkably coherent for a change, was definitely...nice.

"You know, the only thing we're missing now is a big ice cream cone."

Face quirked an eyebrow. "An ice cream cone? That would make it perfect, I suppose?"

"Near enough. Don't you remember how great it was, when the ice cream truck would roll down the street, and you'd hear that tinny music? All the kids would grab the spare change and go racing off to get their treats?"

"Uh, no, not really..."

"And then you'd have to decide - ice cream cone or Slurpee? I always went for the ice cream cone."

"You did?" Face was mildly surprised - he considered Murdock a definite Slurpee person.

"Oh yeah. Didn't take so long to get it." Murdock laughed. " 'Course, you didn't have the flavor choices then that they do now. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry. That was about it."

"Hmm. Definite tragedy there, Murdock."

"Oh, it was! I mean, think of all the choices you have now - just about any flavor you can think of! You could have a, a banana ice cream cone!"


"Yeah, or bubble gum flavored. Or coconut, peanut butter, or, or, watermelon!"


"Just think, Face. I mean, you could have ice cream that tasted like your favorite foods!"

"Somehow a filet mignon ice cream cone just doesn't cut it for me, Murdock."

"I'd go for the spicy stuff. Like...jalapeno."

"Jalapeno? Murdock, that's just..."

"Think of the wonderful confusion that would give your brain. Cold ice cream that made you sweat!"

Face looked suspiciously at Murdock. He was sweating, even in the shade.

"Okay, buddy, how about we find Hannibal and BA back at the lodge? I think some air-conditioning is in order here."

Murdock jumped up eagerly. "Sure thing, Face. You know, they have this huge special Sundae there - chocolate, marshmallows, nuts and those little candy things...it's huge!"