FEB 14
Memory Lane
Holiday: Ferris Wheel Day

Face munched absently at the popcorn, watching the midway for any signs of trouble. He was pretty calm about this meeting. She wasn't from the States, had a diamond mine - not exactly the type to set them up for the military. Still, he kept an eye out.

Murdock strolled over, carrying some kind of furry thing in his jacket. Face didn't even bother to ask. Murdock would 'introduce' the thing at some point, he knew, and he frowned slightly, thinking of BA.

"How's it look?"

"No problemo so far, Face. Just a bunch of people eating popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs, chili dogs - "

"Okay, okay. Don't need a menu, Murdock." Face glanced at his watch. Hannibal was cutting this whole thing a bit too close. If the client was even a few minutes late, the real carny would be back from his break and they'd have to do some fancy footwork to make the meet work. Hannibal had to have that little zap, though. Like a pep pill.

"You ride the Ferris wheel, Face?"

"What? No, Murdock. We're meeting a client, not playing around." His eyes narrowed. "You were watching for the MPs, weren't you?"

"You'd be amazed what all you can see from the top of a Ferris wheel, Face."

Face shook his head. "Did you stop to think how you'd have let us know if you had spotted them - you know, from the top of the Ferris wheel?"

Murdock ducked his head, looking up at Face wish a sheepish grin. "Send up a flare?"

Face sighed and shook his head. Maybe bringing Murdock here was a mistake. He was a bit too hyper for Face's peace of mind.

"I haven't been on a Ferris wheel for a long time. Not since high school. Went to the county fair at home just before I left home for the Army. Rode that thing over and over and - "

"And over. Yeah, Murdock, I get the picture." He straightened. Looked like their client had finally shown up. Pretty woman, blond, walking slowly down the midway. Yeah, she was checking a piece of paper now and then, paying no attention to the fanfare surrounding her.


"Murdock - head over to that warehouse, make sure it's clear. Looks like our client is here."

Murdock nodded, then stopped as he headed away.

"When we're done, you wanna go on the Ferris wheel, Face? Just for old times' sake?"

Face bit back a sharp retort. If the client passed the final inspection, they could be looking at a nice little fee for services. And she was definitely good looking...

"Sure, Murdock. For old times' sake."