"Captain, how do you expect to get well if you don't work with us?"

"I am working!"

"At sidestepping all your issues, Captain."

"I don't have issues. I've got this little gerbil thing running around up there and - "


"A mouse?"

"Murdock, really, I... "

"Okay, maybe it's just a bug. It's going around, you know. Just my turn to feed him."

The therapist chewed thoughtfully on his lip, staring at Murdock, tapping his pen softly on the desk. Murdock returned the stare, innocence practically flowing around him.

"Very well, then. Since someone with no issues obviously doesn't belong here, I'm going to have you transferred to a halfway house."

Murdock sat up, frowning. "A halfway house?"

"Yes. Much more suitable."

Murdock jumped up, heading for the door. The therapist cocked an eyebrow.

"Problem, Murdock?"

"Yeah, man! I'm gonna be late for group therapy! And have I got issues!"