We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails. - Bertha Calloway

"I thought you said he didn't see you."

"I didn't think he did. So... I was wrong."

"It might have been nice if you'd taken that into consideration before we walked in here."

"If I had taken it into consideration first, we wouldn't have walked in here."


"Don't worry. BA will only wait so long and then he'll know something's wrong."

"If I recall, you told BA twenty minutes. That was a half-hour ago."

"Have a little faith, Lieutenant."

Face, who'd been staring resignedly through the barred window of their room, turned to Hannibal.

"I'm not sure my faith will do much good, Hannibal."

"Why's that?"

"Because I just saw BA headed this way and he looked suspiciously like he does just before we put him on a plane. Only it wasn't you and I carrying him."

Hannibal looked confidently over at Face.

"So, we move to Plan C..."