If you don't rock the boat, then how will you know whether it can weather the storm? - Zairin Yuhyi

"You sure he can handle it, Hannibal?"

"If he can't, you and Ray will be there to pull his ass out of the fire."

"Yeah, if he don't take us in with him first."

"I'm sure you two can handle him. Won't be the first ninety-day-wonder you've dealt with."

"Yeah, while you sit back at base."

Hannibal smiled, unphased.

"You saying you can't handle one more, BA? Gotta admit, this kid's a lot sharper than most."

BA spat. "Ain't met an officer yet I can't handle."

"So what's the problem? Get him through this and he stands a better chance of not getting killed."

"It's that chance part I don't like."


BA studied the ground for a long time. Hannibal waited.

"Thing is... " BA looked at everything except the colonel. "Thing is, I... I kinda like this kid."

Hannibal grinned, eyebrows flexing.

"So do I, BA. So do I."