The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live. - Flora Whittemore

"She's gone? What do you mean? The library? Or - "

"No, she's left school, Tem. Don't ask me why. This morning she was packed and gone when I got up."

"But... I don't understand!"

"Neither do I, but that's the way it is. Sorry. Really."

The door closed firmly, but Templeton hardly noticed.

Leslie gone? Just like that? Without a word...


"Last chance, guys. I've got a couple others lined up if either of you - ."

"No way, Hannibal. One goes, we all go."

"Face? You with us?"

Face grinned, hoping it looked more confident than he felt. At least the forged orders were safely tucked away. Just a little insurance.

He slid the chopper door shut with a bang.

"Way ahead of you, Colonel."


"Ready for Italiano Supreme, Faceman?"

"All I can say is, Murdock better be right about this place. I have a feeling I should've stayed home."