No reason to be nervous now. Hannibal's date had arrived as Murdock left, and BA had already parked in front of the television for the pre-game show. They wouldn't be going anywhere. And seeing Face and Frankie coming through the door, he could relax.

He probably would've put it down to jet lag, exhaustion from that last job for Stockwell, the anger and anxiety when Face almost bought it. The new job on top of it all. Just nerved up, that's all. Yeah. Billy was a temporary response, that's all.

Murdock shrugged away the shiver he suddenly felt. All superstitious nonsense anyway. Dogs howling before a death. Ridiculous. He'd laugh about it tomorrow. Maybe tell the guys, give them a laugh as well.

Or maybe not.

There was something too unnerving about hearing Billy howl like that.

Superstition. Exhaustion. Yeah. All in his head. That's all.

All in his head.