Drop - "Little by Little, Drop by Drop..."

"I don't want to be a secret weapon. I want to be an exposed weapon." - Murdock, Showdown!

Murdock dropped his kit on the floor, carefully closing the door and locking it. He smiled. It was nice having a for real key to his own place. It was great having his own place!

Kinda. He still didn't understand why Stockwell had been so insistent that he not stay at the compound with the rest of the team. Acting like he wasn't part of the team. As if! Then again, Stockwell wasn't holding a pardon over his head like the rest. He also wasn't providing any financial support. Well, couldn't blame him for that - he hadn't known Murdock would actually show up here. Thought he'd use that "reward" to set up shop in LA. Instead... Murdock had actually gotten here a couple days before the rest had. HA! Take that, General!

He opened the fridge, noting the remainder of the pizza. Well, he'd only gotten it the night before they left for Germany, so it should still be good. That would do for supper. He wondered what the guys were having. Turning on the oven, he looked out the kitchen window. Sure was a different view from the compound. They had trees and grass and gardens - he had the buildings across the street.

Okay. So yes, he was envious. And angry. Thinking he was finally going to be a full-time recognized member of the team. Instead it was just Westwood all over again, except he had to have a job to pay for it. And it was Stockwell contacting him for the missions instead of Face or Hannibal.

At least he didn't have to break out any more. More like he had to break in. He knew damn well Stockwell would've ignored him if it weren't for Hannibal. Like he would stay away from the team, no matter what Stockwell said.

Sighing, he acknowledged the biggest problem he had with the whole set-up. It wasn't Stockwell, or even the separation.

It was Frankie.

He still didn't trust that guy. And why Stockwell wanted him in the first place... He couldn't do anything the rest of them couldn't handle just as well. Acting like he was such a big shot in Hollyweird. And like he was part of the team. Like hell.

Worst - he was living with the team. Murdock's team!

While Murdock lived out here, away from them, having to hear what they'd been up to after the fact, how they spent their free time, listening to the jokes about stuff he didn't know anything about.

It wasn't right. Well, he'd show them. He'd support himself and still work with the team. He'd talk to Hannibal, make sure he knew how to get in touch. And nothing said he couldn't drop in whenever he wanted to. Not like Stockwell's goons could keep him out.

He shoved the cold pizza into the oven and flopped down on the couch. Yeah, he'd show them. Murdock would be there for the team. Part of the team. Just like before.

Just like before.