Buttercup ----- That's the fire swamp! We'll never survive.

Wesley ----- Nonsense! You're only saying that because no one ever has.

----- The Princess Bride

"Hannibal, you've pulled some stupid stunts before but this - "

"They'll never expect this. I mean, what idiot would try to scale that cliff?"

"Exactly my point, Hannibal."

"C'mon, Face, you climbed worse than that during Basic."

"Oh really? Why don't I remember that? And I'm pretty sure I would."

"Okay, so maybe not worse."

"Why not send BA? He's got more muscle and - "

"BA has to be at the gate to set off the explosions once you get into the house and shut off the security system."

"And sneak past all the guards swarming around the place?"

"Exactly. BA can't sneak."

"He doesn't have to. He could just knock them out as he comes to them."

"And where would he hide the bodies?"

"How about the same places I'm supposed to hide as I sneak past the guards?"

"Trust me, Face. It'll be -"

"I know! A piece of cake."