Only the most foolish of mice would hide in a cat's ear, but only the wisest of cats would think to look there. - Andrew Mercer

"It's completely foolproof."

"A decoy, sir?"

"Not a decoy, Captain, so there'll be no way Smith will find any connection between us and their client." Decker paused as his coffee was refilled. "People find a laundry that does it right, they stick with them. So any 'new' customer is bound to be looking for Smith. We find one, all we have to do is put one of these new tracers on their vehicle. Follow the signal - not the car."

"Sounds like it could work, Colonel. The wonders of technology."

Decker grinned and stood. "Stop at my office, Captain, and we'll get the details taken care of." Smiling, he pushed past the waiter and hurried out the door...

"Foolproof, huh?" Hannibal grinned at Face.

"Yeah." Face sighed as he removed his wig.


"No, just wish I didn't have to return this uniform. I kinda liked wearing those captain's bars."