Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance.

"Where's Face?"

"He's meeting us there. I think he had a 'hot date'."

"Another one? What happened to Rina? I thought - "

"It didn't work out after all." Hannibal wasn't about to go into it any further. Face had been too quiet when he joined Hannibal after leaving her at the dock - and the almost physical change in his demeanor when Murdock and BA had finally shown up told the whole story. If Face wanted them to know, he'd tell them when he was ready.

He hadn't talked to Face about it himself. Didn't need to. They both knew what it was like. Wanting things you couldn't have, finding "the girl" and having to walk away. Face was dealing with it the only way he could. Just like Hannibal did, though Hannibal wasn't quite so open about it.

The song was right. If you can't have the one you love...