Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day. - Harry S Truman

"I think that was a bad idea, Hannibal."

"They'll be fine, Face. BA would never hurt Murdock. Not really."

"But you know how BA feels about those invisible animals."

"I don't think he can complain too much about an invisible mouse. They'll only be gone an hour. I mean, really - how much trouble can one little mouse cause in an hour?"

Face looked skeptical, but Hannibal just grinned.

Well within the allotted time the van pulled up and BA calmly climbed out. Hannibal frowned.

"Uh, BA - where's Murdock?"

"In the van." BA giggled as he walked past them into the house.

"Told you, Colonel."

Hannibal sighed as he pulled the side door open. All their weapons were strapped across the rear seats. One look and Face headed for the rear of the van.

"Hmm. Never knew there was that much room in the gun locker, did you, Hannibal?"