It's easy to fall in love. The hard part is finding someone to catch you. - Bertrand Russell

"Why do you think he's like that?"

BA looked up from the couch. "Who, Mama?"

"Face." Mama sighed. "Hannibal has his doctor, Murdock is seeing that nice veterinarian - even you have that sweet Stephanie. Face could settle down now, too, but he keeps dating this one, then that one. Just doesn't seem right, flitting around like he does."

BA was surprised. His mama had never seemed that interested in Face, especially outside the team. But then again, BA hadn't really paid attention to Face's outside activities since the pardons either.

"I don't know, Mama. Maybe he just hasn't thought about it yet. I mean, he's used to - "

"He's used to lovin' and leavin' - I know. But it's about time he grew up, don't you think?" She stood and went into the kitchen to start supper.

Now BA was uncomfortable. He'd always known Mama didn't really like a lot of things about Face, but she'd never really come out and said it. And love her as much as he did, he felt a surge of defensiveness build.

Sure, Face had a... history with women. It'd been kind of a joke, until they found about that nun. Okay, it stayed a joke, but at least they knew why he ran the other way when his ladies started getting too serious. 'Course, things being the way they were back then, not much else he could do. Still, he'd come close a couple times. Rina? Yeah, Rina. And that nice blind gal. Lisa. BA was pretty sure he'd been back to visit her a few times. Only one didn't care about his looks. But Face sure seemed to like her.

Didn't change the fact that he walked away from every gal he went out with. Running from the military was a good excuse, but it was still an excuse. Then Stockwell - that had been one crazy ride. Between that damn leash they were kept on, and the types of jobs they got... Frankie didn't help matters. Man thought he was some kinda Romeo, alright. Put him and Face together and it was like a revolving door, female-wise.

Until Face got shot.

Damn, BA didn't like to think about that even now. They'd all had some pretty close calls, but that one... Damn.

Things changed after that. Lotta things. Face was quieter, more serious. Until they got back to LA. It only took a couple weeks and he started in with the women again. A lot of women. And a lot quicker turn around with them, too, now that he thought about it. A lot quicker. Almost like he wanted to see how many he could get through before -

Aw hell.

BA stood and walked over to the window, looking down at the street but not really seeing anything there. Just thinking. Was still thinking when Mama called him to supper. When he went to bed that night, he knew what to do when he got back to LA.

He was going to find Lisa.