Murdock had been staring at BA for a long time. A very long time. Hannibal knew he was planning something, especially since BA was in an even more volatile mood than usual. Why Murdock chose these times to launch some new and bizarre character Hannibal couldn't fathom.

But it was fun to watch.

Ah, there. Murdock was sauntering over toward BA now. So casual. Hannibal smiled, anticipating the first salvo. Wondering what it would be this time.

Murdock stopped a couple feet from BA, not saying a word. Just looking at him. Studying him. Frowning. Hannibal bit back a chuckle as BA glanced up at Murdock. He'd try his damndest to ignore him, but eventually...

"Whaddaya want, fool?"

Hannibal waited. Would he go philosophical, cartoon hero, or had Richter started some new therapy?

"BA, I think we need to work on relationship issues."

Hannibal grinned.

Richter's were always the best.