Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win. - Stephen King

He really wanted to talk to them again. Needed to. The letters had been okay. They'd helped. Some. But even those had stopped coming now. He'd worried, wondered why. Almost a month before he found out they'd broken out of Bragg. That explained it.

Didn't change anything.

The letters kept him on terra firma. For a while. But he couldn't ask questions and get answers. Not like talking to them. He needed to talk to them.

He used to be able to hear their voices. Remembered the conversations, the jokes. Remembered how each one sounded when they laughed. He couldn't hear them any more. He needed to hear them.

They could've stopped this. Kept him from going to that dark place again. He wouldn't be going to the psych ward if he could've talked to them. He'd just be going home.

He needed to talk to them.

He really did.