"Well, I always knew it was made up."


"I mean, that's what they did, if there was no proof. Just used the date everything was finalized."

His companion just stared ahead. He flipped a pebble off the deck.

"Odd, how it was so close, though."


"At least they had the year right."

He picked at some lint on his pant leg. Sighed.

"And your mama?"

He didn't answer for a moment.

"Your mama?"

"The paperwork said she died two years before."

BA turned slightly, scowling at him.

"But I thought..."

"Yeah, so did I. But I guess it wasn't her, after all."

BA watched as another pebble went sailing across the lawn.

"Well, that's good, right? Means it wasn't your mama left you like that."

"Yeah. Yeah, that's...good."

"But then, who was you livin with?"

He threw another pebble, with a little more force.

"Damned if I know..."