"You shouldn't'a said that, Hannibal."

"It's for his own good, BA, you know that."

"He wanted your help, man. Didn't have to shut him down like you did."

Hannibal lit a cigar, throwing the match with a vengeance on the ground. "He's turned into a damn space cadet, BA! You know what Stockwell would do if he found out Face went chasing that pipe dream instead of tending to the mission?"

"And since when do you care about Stockwell?" BA shook his head as he stalked off.

Hannibal looked away. He didn't give a damn about Stockwell, but he did about Face. Why couldn't he see that the only thing that mattered was the here and now, and the people who knew all they needed to about him? The people that wanted him. Why the hell did he want people who'd thrown him away?

'We're the only family he needs...'