The old man squinted at the two through thick glasses, nervously swept a hand through his thinning hair, sipped at his beer.

"She was pretty. Real pretty. But uppity. All that college business...then she got herself knocked up. Told her that bastard was no good. She wouldn't listen. I was right - he ran off, left her with the boy.

"Then she died, we got the kid. I was gettin ready to split. My wife - her sister - was cheatin on me. She ended up marryin him. He didn't want the kid; he was 'too much trouble'. Hell, boy was just actin out, a little mischief here and there. I'd a taken the little bugger, but...well, I wasn't no blood relation...

"They moved up north somewhere, near Bakersfield, I guess. Never saw any of them after that."

Again, he squinted at the men.

"You sure I don't know you?"