"What's going on with him?"

"How would I know?"

"Because since you came back, you're the only one he talks to."



"He 'talked' to me. Now he don't."

"What's he trying to prove, anyway? Ever since he and Hannibal had that fight..."

"Hannibal prob'ly said somethin stupid. Does when he's really mad."

"When he's really mad at Face, you mean."

"Yeah." BA wiped his hands carefully. "And then Faceman has to prove him wrong."

"Hannibal must have really gone off the deep end this time then. Face's acting like he's immortal. Like nothing scares him. Going after that guy yesterday...He's going to get himself killed."

"I know. Ain't been like that since..."

"Since Nam, right after Face's first close-up kill. Hannibal said something dumb about Face not being a real soldier..."

"Like nobody else ever got sick afterwards..."

The two men sat, silent.