Takes place after "The Spy Who Mugged Me"

"He's still angry."

"He tol you why..."

"Yeah, the Jaguar would've recognized me. Think I believed that?"


"Murdock's Logan, Hannibal's picking locks - Frankie blew the safe! Blew it!"


"And what was I doing? Following Jourdan around, babysitting Murdock...oh, and I got to shoot a clay pigeon. Big contribution!"


"I thought we were okay again! I thought I'd done my penance, proved myself...damn it, how many times do I have to do that? After all these years..."

"Face, shuddup and lissen, will ya?" BA took a deep breath. "You was runnin wild. Damn near gettin yerself killed...he had to make sure you'd settled down." BA scowled at the derisive snort. "We shouldn't'a took off like that. Scared him. We gotta pay."


"Know how many times I cleaned those guns, man?"

Face sighed. "I just thought..."

"He'll come full around, Faceman. Just takes time..."