"This ain't good, Hannibal."

"I know. Stockwell's people should've been here by now."

They ducked as more bullets rained over their heads.

"You thinkin what I'm thinkin?"

"Yeah. Set up."

BA swiped at the sweat in his eyes. "But why, man? All he had to do was give us the pardons and we'd be gone."

"Maybe Face was right all along and the pardons were never really in the plan." Hannibal peered over the rock. "I should've listened to him, had a contingency plan."

"Why'd you agree to this job, Hannibal? That was crazy."

"Stockwell has information on Face's family."


"Stockwell had information but he wouldn't tell me unless we did this job. Doesn't matter now. We're screwed."

BA stared at him for a long moment.

"No, we ain't, Hannibal. We gonna get outta this and then Stockwell's gonna spill the beans. If I hafta pound it outta him."