He limped into the living room and settled slowly onto the couch. His leg hurt like hell, and he was too tired to think. He leaned back, closing his eyes.

Hannibal had given him the file. Hadn't said a damn word, just handed it to him and walked away. It wasn't until Face opened it that he realized it had come from Stockwell.

And how Hannibal had gotten it.

He felt someone sit down next to him. Knew immediately who it was.

"I'm sorry, Hannibal. I never meant..." He slumped further into the cushions. "I'm sorry."

Hannibal just shrugged, and they sat, silent, for several minutes.

"I keep seeing her, off in the distance. And no matter how fast I run, I can't catch her." He glanced at Hannibal, knowing how stupid that sounded.

Hannibal smiled. "Well, maybe it's time for a new plan, Kid. I'm pretty good at those."