Murdock sat in the hangar, listening to the wind howling through the cracks. He'd quit jumping out of his skin when the building itself rattled and shook. If it hadn't blown down by now, it never would. He sat on a box and stared out the window, seeing nothing but sheets of rain.

The guys should have come back yesterday. Yesterday at dawn, long before the choppers were grounded in preparation for the incoming typhoon. A last minute job, just overnight. In and out. A piece of cake, as Hannibal always said. They'd be sitting in the barracks, slugging back beers by the time the storm hit.

Murdock had gone out, circling high in the air, waiting for the radio's crackle, waiting for the coordinates. Circling until he could wait no longer.

Something had gone wrong.

Murdock sat and watched out the window.

All he saw were sheets of rain.