We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal. - Tennessee Williams

Murdock stared up at the bare light bulb, barely discernible in the moonlight. He should've gone home. Should have but didn't feel like it, for some reason. Didn't seem right. Home was where he was secure and relaxed, where everything was his. And tonight, anyway, he felt... guilty about that.

Hannibal had looked at him when he'd had the driver drop him off, instead of going back to Langley with the guys. Murdock had wanted to go with them. But that wasn't right, either. Things needed to... settle first. Before the delayed festivities tomorrow. But Hannibal hadn't said anything and neither had BA.

Face had kept looking out the window, ignoring them. He'd gotten more and more quiet on the long drive back to Langley.

"You were the one I always thought I could count on."

Murdock stared at the light bulb.

One day, maybe, he'd know he still could.