Face glared at his CO, tightly gripping the steering wheel as the Jeep raced past startled villagers. Not often they saw an American driving an NVA Jeep. Hannibal was damn lucky Face had found the Jeep unwatched when he did, and luckier still Hannibal had been stuck in that grass shack instead of the NVA's bunker. But then if Hannibal hadn't been so damn reckless, he wouldn't have needed rescuing to begin with.

Face had tried to tell him, but would he listen? Not the great Hannibal Smith. Face was beginning to wonder why he'd ever wanted to join up with this guy. He shot another glare at the man who'd just forced him to completely disregard his training and pull a stunt that should've gotten them all killed. All because the stupid SOB wouldn't listen to reason.

Hannibal returned the glare with a grin.

"You're learning, kid. You're learning."