Murdock walked slowly back toward his room, smiling to himself. Another visit from Kelly - another pizza. And she'd remembered the mushrooms this time. She always had, after that first time.

One of the nurses smiled and winked at him as she passed. They thought it was 'cute'.

So what? To Murdock it was... special.

He stepped into his room and slowly closed the door.

Kelly thought it was special, too. He knew she did. He wandered over to the window.

She was always there, at the same time every week. They talked and laughed and... sometimes they just sat and smiled.

Kelly kept saying that one day he'd leave here and it would all be different. Murdock wasn't sure if she thought he would leave her, any more than he was sure she wouldn't leave him.

But for now, everything was fine.

He looked around his room.

Almost everything.