BA and Face had been arguing ever since they'd arrived at the training camp. Everyone was tired after the last job, but the two of them were getting on Hannibal's nerves. He decided it was time to let them have it out, Hannibal-style. The last one finishing the obstacle course had to keep his mouth shut the rest of the weekend. Hannibal had also declared that there was only one rule - no permanent damage.

BA and Face had taken off, heading for the first obstacle - a deep trench. Jump in, climb out, race to the tree where a rope stretched across the fast-running stream. Murdock had lost sight of them as they ran into the trees on the other side.

BA finally appeared in the clearing, helping a limping Face. Murdock frowned up at Hannibal, but he only smiled.

"Looks like a quiet weekend. Tied for last place."