A man grows most tired while standing still. - Chinese Proverb

"Face, you're not George Lucas. You're not."

He set the glass down on the counter. More carefully than was necessary. Stared at it for a moment.

He'd dropped Hannibal off at the studio. The studio where Hannibal worked. The studio where Hannibal's career was in full swing.

As much as it could be.

BA had already taken off for the youth center. The youth center he'd helped get off the ground. Where he was needed.

Where he was whenever he could be.

Murdock, of course, was back at the VA. Still playing Range Rider. Indulged by the staff. They all indulged his fantasies.

When they could.

He stepped around the counter, picked up the bottle, hesitating only for a moment. He had nothing to do tonight. No job to go to. Nowhere he needed to be. Nothing to entertain him.


"You're not George Lucas."

He sighed.

He could've been.